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LinkedIn: Why your profile never gets views, and how you can fix it

Geplaatst op 12-03-2012.

Summary: Do you ever wonder why your finely-crafted LinkedIn profile never yields results or views? In this post, I explain exactly why this happens and what you can do to start seeing real results on LinkedIn.


You mean my LinkedIn profile has been worthless all this time? NOOOOOOOOOOOO...

You mean my LinkedIn profile has been worthless all this time? NOOOOOOOOOOOO...


Recently, I’ve set my sights on LinkedIn to study a little more in-depth how their search algorithm works, and what I’ve found so far is a bit disappointing: it’s simply not enough to have a well-put-together profile. If you hope to come up in someone’s search for keywords related to your profile, you either need to essentially spam your profile with those keywords, be in a LinkedIn group related to those keywords, or you had better be connected with someone the person searching is connected to. Long story short, LinkedIn appears to favor networks of connected people, LinkedIn groups, and profiles chock-full of the same keyword(s). If you’re not engaging in one or more of those facets, then you can count on your profile almost never being seen in LinkedIn searches, no matter how qualified you are.

First and foremost, what I’ve found thus far has convinced me to start being proactive with adding anyone and everyone I can — even if they’re people in completely unrelated industries to me who I would have no reason to otherwise connect with. Also, I will soon be revising my profile (again) and seeking out (over the course of time; not immediately) as many LinkedIn groups as I can to join.

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