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Pillows to Toilet Paper, can you afford to implement them?

Geplaatst op 06-11-2013.

By Feature Writer Val Cook, Alumni Ambassador, Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

When you consider we spend almost one third of our lives in a bedroom / bathroom, anybody offering accommodation needs to get it right first time. There are rarely second chances.

One hair can make the difference between a happy guest returning or a very disappointed one who will not recommend your establishment.

Whether it is the 100th floor the 1st floor or any floor in between, a city view, an ocean view or any other view, the guest is always looking for a clean, comfortable and healthy environment to rest in, irrespective of star rating or room rate paid.


These are a very personal thing for many people: firm, soft or something in between.

Can you offer a pillow menu for an advanced booking?

Can the pillows/cushions (that now seem to cover the bed in most hotels) be a variety of options?

The overall ‘look and feel' of the room:

Are the windows clean?

Nearly all guests, when entering the room, look out of the window.  If dirty it's a very bad first impression.

Cleaning materials and equipment:

Are your staff using them properly?

If not they can stain, leave unsightly residue, or a nasty aroma. Poorly used or incorrect equipment can cause damage.

The Bed:

Needs to be well made and presented. It's the most important item in the room.

The bed should be tested for lumps, bumps and tension regularly.

A bad night's sleep caused by an uncomfortable bed will not result in returning and recommending guests.


There is nothing better after a long day than the feel of crisp clean sheets.

Limp thin sheets are memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Soap / Shampoos:

Are a few quality items preferable to a host of inferior products?

Can other items be supplied on request?

Carpet and rugs:

Any stains need to be removed ASAP; we spend a lot of time in bare feet while in the bedroom.


They should be large and fluffy.

Thin, under-sized towels don't promote environmentally friendly re-use or give a feeling of comfort.

Toilet paper:

Needs to be good quality, enough of it and easily reached. What more can I say!

Wrapping up 

I have not mentioned light switches, the A/C, remote controls, shower systems and IT. All, at times, can be a source of frustration. They need to be addressed at the design stage or when rooms are under refurbishment.

Is out-sourcing housekeeping helping or hindering how YOUR room is presented to YOUR guest?

A well-managed and efficient Housekeeping Department is vital to the success and profitability of your accommodation operation.

Question: Can you afford to implement the above suggestions?

Answer: Can you afford NOT to?

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